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picnic the martini way

Aug 14, 2022

Each year, when summer arrives it is the perfect opportunity to round up your friends and catch up in the fresh warm sunshine. The warm, sunny weather is ideal for food, recreation, and of course refreshments – something MARTINI can help you with.

We have all the top tips and advice to create your perfect al fresco dining – the MARTINI way, something for the onlookers to envy and your friends to love!


With these four simple steps, you can set-up your picnic in a swift and stylish fashion.

1. The perfect spot. Whether in a park, field, back garden or beach, find a spot that allows you to soak up the sun and enjoy the gorgeous views, but have some shade close by to stay comfortable in case things feel a little too hot.

2. Comfort is key. A large picnic blanket is also a must; plenty of space for your guests and to lay out your delicious spread of Italian cuisine, bringing along some cushions for extra comfort.

3. A special touch. Delight is often found in the details, something us Italians know all too well. Elevate your picnic with simple items such as a fabric patterned napkins and a vase furnished with the most beautiful, hand-picked flowers.

4. Music. Bring along a portable speaker, and really set the tone with a relaxing playlist.

"We recommend pairing your delicious Mediterranean platter with MARTINI Fiero and tonic"


A picnic wouldn’t be a picnic without something to eat. Naturally, as MARTINI, we tap into our Italian roots when deciding on a selection of savory treats. A few of our simple favourites include:

• Olives
• Ciabatta bread
• Pasta al pesto
• Caprese salad
• Burrata
• Prosciutto

To host the authentic Italian experience, with quick and convenient means, serve with a wooden chopping board – nothing too fancy but much better than Tupperware! Serve your guests with simple reusable plates and utensils.


It should go without saying that water is essential. But for something a little more celebratory, we’ve got the perfect simple picnic cocktail for you. We recommend pairing your delicious Mediterranean platter with MARTINI Fiero and tonic. It works as both an aperitivo as you’re waiting for everyone to arrive, and it’s also the perfect tipple to keep topping up with throughout the afternoon.



The sparkle of tonic water makes a perfect pairing with MARTINI Fiero’s bittersweet orange taste. Best expressed in a balloon glass with plenty of ice, a mix of 50/50 Fiero and tonic will ensure the delicate citrus aromas are carried evenly throughout this irresistible long drink.


  • Ice
  • Blood orange wheel to garnish


Step 1
Pack a balloon glass with ice.
Step 2
Pour in an equal ratio of MARTINI Fiero and tonic water.
Step 3
Stir gently for a few moments.
Step 4
Garnish with the blood orange wheel.

Start filling your picnic basket with MARTINI Fiero here.

And there you have it, our top tips for bringing a little Italian flair to your summer. Enjoy #TimeBestShared with family and friends as you eat, drink and mingle this picnic season.