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At martini, we understand the importance of time spent with friends; it’s been at the very heart of our brand since it was founded by three friends over 150 years ago.

The best memories are made with those closest to us, most often when it is catching up over a drink and sharing stories. Martini celebrates our everyday moments when we can open up and truly be ourselves in the company of the people that matter most.

In a world that’s often hectic and full of commitments, martini understands the power of sharing quality moments with those closest to us and the impact this time can have, creating new memories and forging lasting bonds.

Life is not made up of minutes but of moments spent with friends new and old. Telling our stories, reliving memories and making plans whilst sharing a drink. This is the joy of an afternoon aperitivo.

Life is richer when everyone brings something to the table. So grab your friends, celebrate your time together and create new memories and possibilities.

Martini. Time best shared

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